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Stage 1). Displays

Gone are the days of bulky silver boxes, flat and thin is the shape of the future!

When it comes to your home cinema display options there are three main choices,

1.  A Flatscreen Display such as an LCD, Plasma or LED TV.

Modern flatscreens are commonly available up to 65" and are ideal for everyday use such as movies, gaming and general TV viewing. HD and Full HD screens offer fantastic picture quality with rich colours and stunning detail. 
Screens can be either wall mounted or freestanding on a traditional cabinet. For details on wall mounting and AV furniture please see the furniture section.

2.  A drop-down screen and Projector.

For a larger screen size you might want to consider a projector system.  The screen can be
designed to drop down when in use, then discretely hide away when your done. This flexibility make it suitable for installations where your cinema room is also the living room.  You can even have a flatscreen TV for general use hung on the wall, then at the touch of a button a 10ft projector screen could roll down infront for watching movies or the ultimate gaming experience.

3. A fixed screen and Projector.

If you plan on giving your home cinema it's own dedicated room then a fixed screen may be the best option. For the ultimate cinematic experience a dedicated fixed screen allows for the front stage speakers to be installed behind the screen, just like a commercial cinema.

By using a combination of the latest products and calibration techniques all installations by us are finished to the highest standard. We can offer the design, supply and installation of a personally developed package, just for you.

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