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Crystal clear surround sound....feel like your really there!

When it comes to home audio there are a vast selection of products and options so to make it simple, here are your choices,

1.  All in one home cinema systems.

Great for small rooms and those not too demanding on system performance.  An all in one system usually combines a dvd or blu-ray player with a home cinema amplifier.  Speakers are supplied with most systems and usually take the form of satellite or tall-boy speakers.  Some systems may lack connectivity options which can restrict their use.

2.  Seperate Home Cinema Receiver/Amplifier and Speakers.

For much better performance and connectivity it is best to use a seperate receiver/amplifier with a surround sound speaker set.  This option allows for a superior choice of speaker options and high quality audio from a dedicated home cinema amplifier.

Speaker Options:

Satellite speakers - These are discrete, small speakers that are very effective for home cinema applications. Usually suited to smaller rooms.

Bookshelf speakers - Full range speakers that provide great sound for both movie and music applications. Their compact size makes them ideal for small to medium size rooms.

Floorstand speakers - Traditional floorstanding speakers are continue to offer grat results in a variety of applications. Ideal for front stage cinema speakers in larger rooms and also available in a huge range of modern designs.

In-Ceiling/Wall speakers - These are the modern solution to discrete audio systems. Largely used in multi-room applications though they are also suitable for surround sound speakers.

Wall mounted/Picture speakers - The ultimate indulgent. High quality audio for both movie and music alike from a speaker that looks every bit as good as it sounds.

Home Cinema Amplifiers and Receivers:

Wheather it's a simple 2 channel system you want to a full 11.2 channel or THX system we have an amplifier to suit.
Modern amplifiers and receivers also offer a wealth of advanced features from picture quality improvement (upscaling) to multiroom outputs and signal switching.