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Stage 4). Accessories

Home cinema accessories are as diverse as they are plentiful. From the simplest cleaning cloth to make that screen gleam to a fully programmable remote control, it's the finishing touches that make a system shine.

Control panels and Remote Controls

A modern home cinema can integrate a large number of components. Controlling all this equipment can mean a number of remote controls are needed which can then make the simplest of tasks a confusing one. We offer a range of programmable control panels with our installations incorporating all your remotes into one neat and tidy solution.

Programmed specifically for your system you can carry out multiple tasks and control several components with just one push of a button or even use your control panel to view your media library or watch an IP camera overlooking the front of your house. 


IR and RF Control

If you like the idea of your screen being the only part of your installation on show and all other components hidden in a cupboard out of sight then you may wish to add an IR or RF control system. Commands from you remote control are recieved and then re-routed and output to you source equipment cupboard, wherever that may be.