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Welcome to Advanced Home Technologies' Home Cinema Explained, the first stage in bringing your home cinema dreams to life. When choosing your home cinema solution it can become quite daunting with all the options available and the various compatibilities of modern equipment. Thats why we have broken it down into the five sections above to make things alot more simple. Please click one of the above shadows to begin your home cinema journey.


Home Cinema design and Installations
AHT Engineer's are specialists in home cinema. We work closely with our customers to develop systems that excel in both performance and appearance. So, whether you're looking for a second screen in the kitchen, a full home cinema lounge or a dedicated TV room, we're waiting to help.

Plasma and LCD screen optomisation
Are you getting the best picture quality from your new flatscreen?
Are your screen settings at the optimum balance?
AHT Engineers use a computerised system to accurately measure screen set-ups (colour balance, contrast etc) and make adjustments to ensure your flatscreen TV always displays the best picture possible. Furthermore, we can also tidy/hide any existing wiring or suggest improvements in the wiring of your existing equipment.

Sky + & Sky HD Box repairs
If you are experiencing problems with your Sky + or SkyHD box such as channel loss, signal loss, interference, lock-up's, blue screens, system crashes etc... we may be able to help. Most of these problems are caused by faulty power supplies which are don't even loose your recordings! Call us on 01268 530366 or email for a repair quote.

Commercial Displays & Audio
Please call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.