Multi-room audio and video is fast becoming an essential for avid fans and families alike. The days of CD's and stand alone HiFi's are numbered, modern distribution systems from AHT allow your entire music collection, film library and digital photo collection to be accessed, played and viewed in any room of your home, at the touch of a button.

Sounds all around!...Multi-room audio is the next big thing to hit the home entertainment market and is fast becoming an essential for music fans and families alike. Imagine plugging in your iPod/MP3 player and having your entire music collection available throughout the house, rock music for the kids in their bedroom, lullabies in the nursury for the baby or abit of classical in the kitchen for yourself....the choice is yours! And why stop with just your music, streaming of video and internet are just some of the endless possibilties.

Here at Advanced Home Technologies we are at the forefront of this revolution and can offer numerous different solutions to suit you, your home and your family. From the hugely popular, multi talented Sonos wireless music system through to dedicated media servers allowing streaming of media to all rooms from one central source, AHT can get you connected.
If you are interested in any aspects of multi-room entertainment, please feel free to give us a call and have a chat with one of our friendly and knowledgable engineers, were sure we can find a solution that you'll love!

To start playing music, just grab the full-color wireless Controller and simply pick a room, pick a song and hit play. It's that easy. With the Controller in hand you'll have instant access to your entire digital music collection, plus select online music and radio services to play all over the house. To play more music in more rooms, just add ZonePlayers and Controllers to your heart's content.
Contact us today to discuss your options. For a discrete system, why not have in-ceiling speakers in each room and hide the zoneplayers in a cupboard. High quality audio with minimal visual impact, all controlled from your iPad or Sonos controller.

In ceiling/wall speakers

Purpose-built for flush mounting into walls and ceilings, our built-in range offers audio quality as unobtrusively as possible - and with some models being designed to withstand harsh environments such as bathrooms or even outside (under the eaves), there's virtually no limit to the design possibilities they open up.


SUPERSTAR by Artcoustic

The Superstar is an all in one stereo music centre with state of the art superb sound quality and endless design options. Compatibility with any digital source makes the Superstar an ideal companion for sonos in a multi-room system. The flexible and intelligent design enable it to be used in any room where quality of sound can be enjoyed and beutiful design is expected. Ideal in any room of the house as well as many commercial applications. Contact us for more details.